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Air Hammer C41-25

Air hammer have many advantages.
Such as reliable performance, operational cleverness ect. It can be used to carryout such processes
as drawing upsetting punching, shearing&cutting, forge welding and bending.
The machine are widely used. Users of large, middle or small-sized manufactories may select such model of air hammers byactual requirement to be satisfied with their prducts.

Item Parameter  
  Model   C41-25 C41-40 C41-75
  Falling max mass   25Kg 40Kg 75Kg
  Max blow energy   275J 530J 1000J
  Number of strokes   250min-1 245min-1 210min-1
  Hammer' s largest tour   260mm 250mm 330mm
  Hammer-centre to the frame   200mm 235mm 280mm
  Motor   2.2KW 4KW 7.5KW
  Lower surface anvil to guide bottom   240mm 224mm 300mm
  Anvil block size   100× 50mm 120× 50mm 145× 65mm
  Dimension   800× 410× 1214mm 1160× 650× 1440mm 1440× 800× 1800mm
  Anvil Block weight   250Kg 480Kg 780Kg
  Hammer weight(excluding Anvil and motor)   470Kg 820Kg 2000Kg
  Package size   1100× 650× 1400mm(1/2) 1280× 750× 1670mm(1/2) 1630× 870× 1975mm(1/2) 520× 400× 810mm(2/2) 880× 880× 400mm(2/2) 960× 810× 910mm (2/2)
  20' Contanier Q' ty   20sets 12sets 8sets

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