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Brake Drum Boring Machine (T8370)

This machine is applicable for boring, repairing, machining, producing brake drum, brake shoe of vehicles & tractors, it is with features as below:
1. High rigidity. The thickness of chassis is 450mm, which is integrated with transmission system & stand, so the rigidity is strengthened.
2. Wide machining range. This model is with very big machining diameter among all the brake drum boring machines in china.
3.Perfect operation system. The quick up/down & positive/negative feed increases the working efficiency and the integrated button station achieves convenient operation.
4.Applicable for widel car types. It can machine not only brake drums & brake shoes of Jiefang, Dongfeng, Yellow River, Yuejin, Beijing130, Steyr, Hongyan etc.,but also
the followings: Zhongmei Axle, York Axle, Kuanfu Axle, Fuhua Axle, Anhui Axle.

Main Specifications T8370
Range of Processing Diameter  mm 180-700
Rotating Speed of Workpiece  r/min 24 / 45 / 80
Working Travel of Slideboard  mm 450
Overall Dimensions  mm(L x W x H) 1040 x 900 x 1720
Packing Dimensions  mm(L x W x H) 1150 x 1000 x 1820
N.W/G.W  kg 1200 / 1350
Motor Power  kw 2.2

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