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Brake Drum Disc Lathe Machine C9370

Quick, accurately and efficiently to cutting rotor
Fast and slow setting allow cutting rotor
Quick, accurately and efficiently to cutting drum
Finitely adjustably setting allow cutting drum
Three kinds of speed to choice for spindle speed
A convenient design allows to quickly change from rotor to drum, with cross feed extension plate will be increase the maximum rotor diameter to 22"/588mm
Position of stop make the lathe stop automatic after the cutting
Fully equipped adapter package

Spindle Travel 9.875"/251mm Spindle Speed 70,88,118RPM
Rotor Diameter 0.002/0.05mm-0.02"/0.5mm Rev Cross Feed Speed 0.002/0.05mm-0.01"/0.25mm Rev
Handwheel Graduations 0.002"/0.05mm Rotor Diameter 7"/180mm-18"/457mm
Rotor Thickness 4"/102mm Drum Diameter 6"/152mm-28"/711mm
Drum Depth 9.875"/251mm Motor 110V/220V/380V,50/60Hz
Gross Weight 400KG Dimension 1100mm*1070mm*1140mm

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