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CNC Vertical Machine Center VMC400

A.Introduction and Application 
VMC400 CNC machine center is a new product developed by our company independently.
With pleasant and modernization appearance, high-strength cast iron construction, aging treatment process, ensuring long-term usage rigidity and precision of the basic pieces. 
Adopting the most advanced machine tool design concept, the structure is more compact and reasonable. Through increasing the table size and 3 axis travel, expanding the range of producing, the machine is much smaller. It saves your valuable production space. Currently,
it has a unique advantage compared with other similar products .It can finish installation
include drilling,milling,boring,expanding,reaming,andtapping at the same time,and it is
widely used in a variety of metals and other materials' high precision machining and teaching. 
B.Structural Features:
1.Stable columns, super Z-axis travel,according to customer needs to install 4 axis.
2.Taiwan ball screw ,high feed speed, high machine positioning accuracy.
3.X,Y,Z linear guide way and Screw adopts airtight protection, ensure clean screw and guide    
   rail,ensure that the machine drive and motion accuracy.
4.Safety guard: Full safety guard The two side doors open by pulling from bottom to top, easy to  
   view, and safe. The front doors must slide to left and to right side, door open width ≥480mm,  
   each door has transparent window on the upper and bottom part, the doors have sliding guide
   way, with PLC door safety lock, with water tank and cooling pump inside. Stainless steel
   telescopic covers. Motors are protected by covers. Good welding, no welding spots and
   scratches, no leaking.
5. Auto lubrication system, auto coolant system, working light (fluorescent tube), 3-color Alarm
   indicator (fordable), Pneumatic system (triad valve, without air pressure station), with Air-gun. 
6. Machine tool operating system accord with human body 
engineering principle, easy to operate.
C.Standard Configuration
   A.CNC system: GSK GSK218MC-H or SIEMENS 808D(III)
   B.Tool Changer: Okada OKADA ATC-12 tools umbrella
   C.Spindle: BT30(TAIWAN VOLIS brand, max 8,000rpm.)
   D.Screw: Taiwan HIWIN/PMI Balls screws (3 axis direct connection of servo motor and
    screw by couple)
   E.Line guide way: Taiwan HIWIN/PMI 
   F.Electric parts: Schneider or famous Chinese brand electric parts.
D.Standard Accessories
  1. Milling chuck: one set.
  2. Allen wrench: one set.
  3. flat-blade screwdriver slotted screwdriver: one set.
  4. Wrench: 12-14,17-19 each one set.

E.VMC400 Main Parameters

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