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CNC Vertical Machine Center VMC1600

· With high speed, accuracy and rigidity as well as temperature sable increasing spindle system.
· Super grade lubricating grease for spindle bearings ensures its long service life.
· Spindle hole is equipped with air-blowing device for cleaning.
· Rectangular guide ways of X, Y and Z axis with good resistance against vibration and
  impact are.
· Suitable for heavy load cutting, finish and rough machining.
· Adequate workpiecc cooling system.
Standard Configuration:
  Turret-type tool magazine capability 24 tools
  RS232 interface,separated handwheel
  Spindle blowing chip removal system

Specifications Units VMC1600 VMC1300
Table travel(X,Y,Z) mm 1600×850×700 1300×700×650
Table size mm  1800×800 1400×710
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 5-22-150 5-18-152
Max.load of table kg 2000 1000
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm  200-900 150-800
Distance from spindle axis to column guideway mm 930 785
Rapid feed speed m/min 15×15×12 18×18×15
Feed speed mm/min 1-8000 2.5-5000
Taper of spindle   BT50 BT50
Spindle speed range rpm 40-4500 40-6000
Spindle motor power kw (AC servo)15/18.5 11-15
Tool magazine capability qty 24(Disc-type) 24
Max. weight of tool kg 25 25
Max. dimension of tool mm φ220×400 φ220×400
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.005/300 JIS ±0.005/300 JIS
Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300 JIS ±0.003/300 JIS
Min. time of tool change sec 3(manipulator) 3(manipulator)
Overall dimension mm 4400×3400×3200 3700×3350×2890
Machine weight kg 13000 11000

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