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Radial Drilling Machine(Z3080*25)

Heavy Duty Precision manufactured radial arm drilling machines
Hydraulic column & head clamp ensures fixed tool positioning
Oil-bath lubricated gearbox with hardened & ground gears
16 speed auto down-feed: 0.04 ~ 3.2 (mm/rev)
Unique hydraulic operated feed & spindle drive system
Arm height adjusted via vertical leadscrew & heavy duty induction motor
High quality fine grain cast iron with ribbing ensures extremely low vibration
Coolant pump system with flexible hose
Drill capacity 50mm
Work light mounted underneath arm providing direct light on work piece
Quiet and smooth operation
Coolant pump
Worklight & toolbox
Heavy Duty Tee-slotted box table
Safety chuck guard

Specifications Units Z3080*25
Max. drilling dia. mm 80
Distance from spindle center to column surface mm 500-2500
distance from spindle nose to base surface mm 550-1600
spindle travel  mm 400
spindle taper(Morse) 6
Spindle speed r/min 20-1600
Spindle speed steps 16
Spindle feeding speed mm/r 0.04-3.2
Spindle feeding steps 16
Rotary angle of  radial arm ° 360
Main motor kw 7.5
Arm motor kw 1.5
Machine weight kg 11000
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) mm 3600*1450*3300

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