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CNC Pipe Threading Machine QK1219

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  by our engineers, product process tracking and good.

Item Specifications Unit  QK1219
Working range

Max.swing over bed mm Φ 600
Max. Swing in gap mm Φ280
Max. Workpiece length mm 600
Max. Coupling diameter mm Φ340
Maximum pipe diameter mm Φ190
Spindle General chuck /hydraulic chuck diameter mm Φ500/530
Spindle center height mm 1120
Spindle bore mm Φ196
Spindle bearing diameter mm Φ260/Φ240
Spindle speed r/min 150-800
Spindle power kw 22/30
Bed saddle Bed incline DEG 60°
Distance mm 340/650
Rapid feed X/Z m/min 8/12
Servo motor X/Z mm 20/20
Axis ball-screw X/Z mm Φ40/Φ50
Tool Magazine capacity   2/4
Tool size mm 32*32/Φ80
 Other Power kw 60
Overall dimensions mm 3650*1810*1950
N.W. / G.W. kg 8200/8500

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