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CNC Linear Guideway Lathe with Inclined Bed Type(TC3040)

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   by our engineers, product process tracking and good.
Cast-iron, torque-tube construction.
High-quality preloaded ball screws.
Linear guideways,
3-jaws Hydr.Chuck.
Hydr. Tool turret.
Hydr.Tail stock
Auto.Central Lubrication

Specifications (Unit) TC3040 TC6040
Bed incline ° 30° 60°
Max.workpiece length mm 580 300
Cutting capacity over bed mm Φ400 Φ200
Cutting capacity over support mm Φ450 Φ400
Chuck size   A2-6 A2-5
Spindle power kw 7.5 7.5
Spindle speeds rpm 4500 60-5000
Spindle bore mm Φ62 Φ55
Dia.of bar through spindle bore mm Φ50 Φ40
Rapid feed speed m/mm 18 20
X Travel mm 210 400
Y Travel mm 600 320
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm Φ65 -
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 100 -
Tailstock travel mm 450 -
Tailstock taper - MT4 -
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.008(X)±0.011(Z) ±0.008(X)±0.011(Z)
Repositioning accuracy mm ±0.003(X)±0.005(Z) ±0.003(X)±0.005(Z)
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) mm 2200*1750*1880 2200*1750*1880
Weight T 2.5/2.8 2.2
Specifications (Unit) MT3040 TC4558
Bed incline ° 30° 45°
Max.workpiece length mm 900 960
Cutting capacity over bed mm Φ400 Φ360
Cutting capacity over support mm Φ450 Φ580
Chuck size   A2-8 A2-8
Spindle power kw 7.5 15
Spindle speeds rpm 3500 100-2600
Spindle bore mm Φ72 Φ87
Dia.of bar through spindle bore mm Φ60 Φ70
Rapid feed speed m/mm 18 15
X Travel mm 230 350
Y Travel mm 900 960
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm Φ65 Φ100
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 100 120
Tailstock travel mm 780 1000
Tailstock taper - MT4 MT5
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.008(X)±0.011(Z) ±0.008(X)±0.011(Z)
Repositioning accuracy mm ±0.003(X)±0.005(Z) ±0.003(X)±0.005(Z)
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) mm 2200*1750*1880 4200*2000*2000
Weight T 2.5/2.8 6

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