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Mandrel Hydraulic press HP-S series

· Dealing directly with the manufacture- no middle man!
· The most competitive pricing in the market.
· High quality control standards, such as ISO, CE
· Guaranteed delivery time.
· Prompt attention to the customer inquiries.
· Diverse services for your needs, including sourcing other machinery, inspection goods for you
   by our engineers, product process tracking and good delivery.
· Research and Development to meet the customer and the market need.
Ideal for removing and installing - Bushing, Ball-joints, Bearings, Gears, Pulleys, etc
Auto 2-stage hydraulic hand pump for high & low pressure
High strength steel construction
100mm pressure gauge
Spring return on ram
Winch on table rise and lower
H frame style
Includes  Complete with vee blocks

The HPS series mandrel presses have the advantages of small volume, simple structure, and little cost.The machine is suitable for operating in the open air or the other special situation.
MODEL HP-10S HP-20S HP-30S HP-40S HP-50S
CAPACITY(KN) 100 200 300 400 500
PRESSURE(MPa) 20 50 50 60 60
TRAVEL(mm) 180+450 200+450 200+450 250+450 250+450
DIMENSION(mm) 500*350*1300 500*350*1300 55*400*1500 1000*550*1500 1000*600*1750
WEIGHT(KG) 220 260 320 380 460

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