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Hydraulic Press Brake Wc67k-160tx3200 E21 (X Y axis)

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1. Basic Standard NC Machine          
 (with E21 controller)
No. Parts Name Brand Brand Location Model
1 Main motor Siemens Germany  
2 Backgauge motor Detong Shanghai China  
3 Ram motor Kongte Nanjing China    
4 Electrics Schneider France  
5 Oil Cylinder Yuhua Maanshan China  
6 Seal ring Nok Japan  
7 Hydrualic valve Rexroth Germany  
8 Pump Sunny USA  
9 Controller E21 Nanjing China  
10 Mould Guoling Maanshan China  
11 Pipe connector EMB Germany  
12 Footswitch Karcon South Korea  
13 Ball screw Hiwin Taiwan  
14 Controller with moveable arm YES
15 Front and back protection fence YES
16 Backgauge with ball screw YES
17 Backgauge travel 500MM
18 Emergency button YES
3. Standard main parameters          
1 Nominal force 1600KN
2 Bending length max. 3200mm
3 Ram travel 200mm
4 Max. opening 460mm
5 Fast speed 100mm/s
6 Working speed 10mm/s
7 Return speed 90mm/s
8 Throat depth 320mm
9 Back gauge travel 500mm
10 Main motor power 11kw

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