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Dual Column Horizontal Saw Machine GHS422

GHS4228 CNC band saw machine
1.touch-screen control panel, supports preinstalling 5 groups of cutting parameters, suitable for batch
   processing of workpiece
2.PLC control,easy to set and change cutting mode,manual and automatic operation combined
3.double column structure,high stability & rigidity
4.hydraulic control of blade vertical feed speed, variable speeds
5.manual blade tensioning
6.hydraulic workpiece clamping

Optional configuration (need extra money):
  1.hydraulic tensioning of saw blade;
  2.stepless linear speed of saw blade;
  3.saw blade break protection;
  4.fast drop protection;
  5.automatic hydraulic chip removal device.
model unit GHS4228
Cutting range mm round: 280
rectangular: 280*280
Saw blade size mm 3505*27*0.9
Blade speed m/min 27,45,69
Main motor power kw 3
Hydraulic motor power kw 0.75
Coolant pump motor power kw 0.04
Overall dimension mm 1800*2400*1400
Net weight kg 1000

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