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CNC Slotting machine

CNC Slotting Machine
Applications and Features
The series machine tool can be used for slotting flat surface, formed surface(including cambered surface) and keyways of all kinds of parts, and can slotting inclination in range 0deg. to 10deg. mould etc., it is suitable for single piece or small batch production.
The machine tool is CNC slotting machine with three CNC axis (longitudinal X-axis, transverse Z-axis and rotary C-axis), the three axis are controlled by servo motor driving high-precision ball screw. It can process multi surfaces on the machine after one time of clamping workpiece, such as various cambered surface, uniform and not uniform keyways. It can achieve longitudinal(X-axis) and transverse(Z-axis) linkage intermittent feeding.

· Dealing directly with the manufacture- no middle man!
· The most competitive pricing in the market.
· High quality control standards, such as ISO, CE
· Guaranteed delivery time.
· Prompt attention to the customer inquiries.
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