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CNC Double Column Vertical Lathe CK52 series

This series machine is suitable for internal and external turning/taping, facing, slotting, threading,
 contour surface turning (CNC machine) etc.
The spindle drive adopts servo motors through 2 steps speed change unit to make work table realize
 step-less speed regulation.
Work table spindle adopts short spindle & constant flow hydrostatic guide-way to keep high centering  accuracy, high rotating accuracy, big loading capacity & small deformation.
Feeding system adopts AC servo motor drive lead screw through gear box.
Feeding system of both 2 axes adopts lead-screw, both ends fixed and prestretched, advanced high  rigidity.
Machine adopts Push Button Station, feeding system configures handheld unit for easy operation.
The configuration of spindle driver and feeding system can be interchangeable with general type
 and CNC type.
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